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i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but educate and teach. call me 1-800-743-cnbc. don't you just hate reality? boo! don't you hate it when you know the numbers are too high or the world is simply not yet in a place where you can be confident that things are okay? the thought don't you hate that some members of the federal reserve think that we have reached a great place so it is time to stop helping the economy. the heat don't you hate that washington doesn't care what place that we are in at all.
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don't you hate that karma. >> house of pleasure. >> house of pain. >> dow sinking 55 points today. nasdaq declining .23%. you know i hate all of these things. what do you do? throw your hands up? no, you look for themes. that is why i'm a big believer in themes. all week i plan to trace out the themes of 2013 that you can fall back on when the dow falls. the headlines are dominated by anxiety. i expect the market to go down in the near future. i like what alcoa said, and monsanto. but look, i think it is too high right now and maybe it comes in.
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but i don't want you to fear that decline. no opportunity, use it as a chance to buy the sectors that can bounce back harder and faster than anything else. i want you to be ready. i need you to take some profits in your winners. we have had so many winners since the year began. you'll have cash on hand to buy the themes i'm highlighting. winners and losers have gone up so far in 2013. keep winners, trim losers. last night i told you about banking. autos could be natural places to build positions while the markets sing the blues. i love the one we are having in ford. you begin positions. you want 100 shares, i buy 25 tomorrow. and you get the picture. tonight i'm giving you two more themes for 2013. ones that i think you can count
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on when everyone else is fleeing from the building. the first? the building itself. housing. yeah. hey listen, i think 2013 is going to be another year when the building of new and unsold homes will drive gigantic returns throughout the stock market, returns that are going to be, let's say consistent, which is what i know you really want. you know a lot of different people get a lot of different estimates on housing. but you know what? i don't care. i'm not an economics professor. i don't care about the statistics. i'm a stock picker and all i care about is what the strength in housing means for the sector. not for what is going to happen with taxes. i'm talking about stocks for
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individual companies, and for them, it is nothing short of amazing. buy buy buy. >> house of pleasure. >> first and most obvious, the home builders, i know all of those stocks have had magnificent runs in 2012 but i don't think they are over. that's the good news. the bad news is home builders have vaulted so high, it is worth waiting for some scare, some federal reserve pop off, downgrading the stocks, before i would do any buy buy buy and when they pull back i think you go for toll brothers, the best of breed. and then there are the housing related retailers. home depot. i think here you want to go with the multi year term at pier one. especially since the online strategy is just kicking in.
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building suppliers should have a fantastic year. plenty to choose from here. owens corning. home and security for kitchen and bath, sherwin williams for paint and rubbermaid and stanley, black and decker, and mohawk for carpets and gypsum board. i'm told they need that bad in new jersey. i like the lumber providers. louisiana pacific, plumcreek and weyerhaeuser. you will be bidding with my charitable trust. i'm always underneath, buying below the market. don't forget some of these ancillary plays. the cable companies for when you buy a new home. you hook it up.
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probably will make you money. i work for one. or the materials companies. vmc makes aggregates for new roads. berkshire hathaway. huge housing play and of course one of the nation's largest railroads. they can move the needle. the housing rally continue? can the housing rally continue? how many times have we heard that question? how many times have we been told it is a matter of time before the fed turns off the juice even if he is going to keep the money going until we reach the goal of 6.5 unemployment. we have been building homes at a rate of 1.5 million a year in this country. maybe that's not sustainable. but we dropped to building 400,000 a couple of years ago. talk about unsustainable. that is ridiculous. of course the bears, man, they
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are everywhere aren't they? the bears, wake up, will you? the bears, they told us it didn't matter. the prices couldn't rise. because of the shadow inventory. you know how they do those things? you know what? we have worked through that shadow inventory. the continuing rally of the bank stocks telling you that the fears about underwater homeowners are not going to be realized. and there are still affordable buys with rates this low and rents are out of control in this country. so much better to buy if we can. multiple years of housing strength ahead. second theme for tonight off the beaten track. insurance. boy, insurance, boring. i love boring. the insurance group performed well, whether it be genworth, i
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wrote them a check for life insurance. i'm paying a lot of money. travelers, allstate, paying you a lot of money, but you paid me back when the roof went. berkshire, aig. i think 2013 could be no different. in fact, it could be better. there are several things at work. the group has done nothing for ages. most importantly, the asset side of the insurance business. it is coming back to life with a vengeance. as housing increases in value the paper is coming back. to me, aig is the best way to play it. everything that was bad is now good.
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which is why my trust buys it. ben mosche has your back here. he is the ceo. given my earlier theme, again, you might want to go with warren buffet and berkshire hathaway. here is the bottom line. two themes that are built to last. housing and insurance. find one that you like. as the politicians and their fear mongers create all through 2013. roy in california. >> yeah, jim, this is roy an active investor retired and back in february of 2007 you were speaking at a college and you were really recommending very highly the sears holding company and it was being run by a fellow that you had complete confidence in, eddie lambert. at the time we purchased the stock and i paid $185 for it. i'm still holding onto it after
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almost four years. i understand mr. lambert is back with the company. should i hold on to that or take my bath? i appreciate your comments and i do enjoy your program daily. >> i change my mind too. the answer is that i turned on sears. it wasn't easy. but the numbers turned down. housing turned down. i had a good gain and turned it to a loss for some and sold the stock and never looked back and i'm still not looking back. i guess the answer is there is so many better stocks out there. i got it right, wrong, right, but what is important is it is no place for you. we are looking for themes that can last. housing and insurance, two hot sectors that look like they are ready to soar long-term.
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find names that you like and use selloffs to your advantage. stick around we have a lot more to come. >> coming up, best in biotech. it is the largest health care conference of the year. and tonight cramer looks at companies shaping next generation of breakthroughs. will this year hold similar success? plus jim's got an exclusive with a company changing the way drugs are developed. don't miss biogen, just ahead. don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail or give us a
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when the bar is set too
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it becomes difficult for a company to please investors. case in point, regeneron today. here is a stock that has been up 179%. that is right in the last 12 months. thanks to the strength of ilea. we have been with the company every step of the way. no one else has, believe me. we recommended the stock back in 2005. a few months after the show began. and it is up 30% since the last time we spoke in august. it is one of the reasons that we encouraged you to speculate. the company has a fabulous drug, one that continues to take market share. plus last fall the only competition to this drug came under a cloud of worries that a distributor may have
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contaminated its contents. but when you have been roaring like regeneron has, just this morning the company presented at the big jp morgan conference and while the sales came in better than the street's expectations, it wasn't quite better enough to beat the whisper number, it was one point down twelve points before it went out down $5.83. is this a case where wall street has caught up with the street? let's check in with dr. len schleifer to get a better sense of how the company is doing. welcome back. >> great to be here. >> i want to congratulate you on your performance and the fact that science magazine named you
11:18 pm
number one biopharmaceutical employer in the world. >> we are lucky. my partner since we opened the labs nearly 25 years ago, actually we started the company. today is our birthday. 25 years ago today we actually signed the first papers that started regeneron. but when we opened the labs in 1989, george my partner, we believed that the key to the business was to do good science and focus on patients and then get individual scientists and treat them well and let them run and they would get across the finish line like they have. >> i thought the sales were amazing. people expected even more. did they expect more because one of your competitors was caught up in a pharmacy compounding problem? is that what people expected because of the problem with your competitor?
11:19 pm
>> yeah, it is hard to know what drives it and what people exactly expect and why they expect it. but there was a problem with compounding pharmacies. people had fungal meningitis and died from injections of drugs. but that put a question mark around a lot of drugs and people thought that the market leader actually, this drug avacin which is used off label but made by compounding pharmacies would shift to the branded drugs, i don't think that was a reasonable expectation, we had a strong quarter, we are at a run rate that is well over $1 billion. we are expected to have 50% growth next year. so this franchise is going well. perhaps we didn't get everything everybody was whispering about but we are still thrilled. >> which is going to be bigger,
11:20 pm
your anti-cholesterol drug or ilea? >> in some respects you are a bit uncanny. you did discover us when we were a $5 stock. you anticipated that ilea would be much bigger than the street thought it would be. we did $838 million last year and you started talking about the cholesterol drug when nobody else was interested. the cholesterol drug could be very big. and ilea with it's ability to grow in the united states, it is still something that we can bank on. cholesterol lowering is still needed by tens of millions of people. sanofi, our partner, together we are hoping that we can lead this way forward to bring a new class of cholesterol lowering drugs which could be bigger than ilea,
11:21 pm
but we will have to see. >> i have been trying to take every single statin in the book. i had a thing called trigger finger recently. i cannot type when i'm taking them. i'm begging to be on your trials. all the new research says that almost everybody in the world should be on statins but not everyone can tolerate statins. >> there are millions of people who probably should be on them who can't tolerate them. certainly people do have muscle aches and various pains and it is a big problem coming up with a way to lower cholesterol. we hope one of the ways that it will be used in those people who can't tolerate statins. if you are on a statin and you
11:22 pm
can't get to the goal that you should get to we can still lower cholesterol. this is a powerful class of drugs. we have to make sure that we meet the requirements, but a lot of people are very excited about it. you mortgaged your house to get the first few drugs through. now you have -- you are going to have billions of cash. you even say in your conference call we don't know how to do with that cash. tell me what you'll do. you have more than you need. >> right. you know, i have spent unless you think we are an overnight success. we have been at this for 25 years. for the last 24 years, we have been looking for cash. we have been scratching every thing that can get cash. and now, you expect us to be experts in deploying that cash. we will figure it out.
11:23 pm
but if we focus on our research, trying to get things that will make a difference in patients' lives, we will be in good shape. >> congratulations being the ceo of the number one performing stock in the nasdaq and thank you for choosing "mad money" to be the first interview. you are are a good man. >> thank you, we love being here. >> 25th birthday for regeneron. let's hope you get another price break like you had this morning. what a gift. stay with cramer. >> coming up, cash injection? if you are bullish on biotech, listen up. after checking the technicals, cramer spotted the potential for
11:24 pm
a sizable move in one of the largest health care companies around. don't miss the reveal of this play in tonight's edition of off the charts.
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play in tonight's edition of off the charts. every tuesday when you go on twitter, this is everybody's favorite segment. i try to teach you about some things. the technicians use to get a read on where things are going. all of this might seem like the charts are beyond comprehension. sometimes the charts can be dead simple. straight forward. right. sometimes the charts can be dead simple. straight forward. right. that is what tonight is about. tonight we are going off the chart with tim collins and my colleague at and what he says is the best chart out there. pfizer. the big pharma company that has been doing a lot of good things. bringing out value. he said it reminds him of monsanto. back when he loved what he saw on the chart on july 23rd. man what i call.
11:28 pm
since then the stock has been roaring. collins nailed this one. it is also not like the companies that seem to have regular meaningful breakthroughs. those are science factories that seem to do nothing but produce amazing drugs that go down in what seems like 60 seconds. pretty solid company. when he looks at the daily chart he sees some things that makes him think that phizer could be ready to run. they are trying to a certain things that seem to make it over and over again into an up stock or down stock and pfizer has made the bullish pattern one that collins is very excited.
11:29 pm
it has made an inverse head and shoulders formation. it is called that because it looks like an upside down head between two shoulders. not at all because it can be an upside down bottle of shampoo that are shaped like a reverse head and shoulder. pfizer made the left shoulder and declined and then in november the stock bottomed to form the head. and then the eye there. give it some hair. that is what the smart good looking guys have. anyway, and last month, in december we caught a rally and a pull back which created the right shoulder. when you see a right side up. that is a reliable indicator that a stock could be about to get hammered.
11:30 pm
now the key with this pattern is the neck line. the line that connects to the highs with the two shoulders, it tells someone like collins, the neckline, it would be like this. i like to use the head and shoulders because it is dumb and stupid and funny. and it crossed over that level. last week. if this pattern holds true, the stock should rally. come on man, this is pfizer. within a month, collins will give this run six month to play out. it goes much higher, that is pretty darn good. in other words he thinks you give this some time. it is a healthy flow of support. a flow of support of $2460 and you got two more support levels in the $23 range.
11:31 pm
we like that. we got a dollar down and $2.50 here. wait a second. there is just not a lot of risk versus the reward. it is not just the price action. i want you to look at the bottom of the chart. this is called the triple exponential moving after rage. this is the tool to detect the trend before they happen. collins likes the tricks not because they are for kids, not because they are serials, he likes them because it can be good at predicting rallies. when the black line crosses over the red line. that is known what is called as a bullish crossover. the tricks is making one of the bullish crossover here. right now. the last three times we caught a bullish crossover.
11:32 pm
the end result was to sustain the move higher. look at these lines, okay? they mark the last three positive crossovers. sometimes rallying quite hard. however, it is important to hear, one month after these began. after the initial move higher, collins thinks you could have another chance. you see it drop back down. it is a chance to get back in at the same level. check out pfizer's weekly chart. as you can see at the beginning of last year. so go back to the beginning. side ways action, okay? and that is consolidation. ility it laid the ground work. ever since the stock broke out.
11:33 pm
it is running higher in the bullish chennel. just as we saw at the beginning of 201. all right? the stock has been building a base. pfizer broke out above the 2550. if it closes above that level again, it is a nice looking chart. what else? look at the accumulation distribution line at the bottom. this is a volume based indicator. you can see, when it goes down. long periods of sideways movement. we had another period. so if that is in turn followed by another move higher. collins can see it push the stock up of $27.86. beyond that, collins can see the
11:34 pm
stock go to $30. that is a possibility for pfizer before the end of the year. that is a 47% gain from where the stock is now. remember, everything is risk reward. maybe $2.80. that is nirvana. that is my view. you know i'm a fan of pfizer. i like the gilliads. now this stock was up 15%. last week i told you i thought i could repeat that. that is exactly what collins is predicting too. it is as boring as it gets. pfizer lets you sleep soundly at night. it puts you to sleep. the bottom line, it is rare that you get a safe, boring high yielding drug stock like pfizer that has a smoking hot chart. not like what brett musberger
11:35 pm
kept showing in the stands last night. prizer's chart is gorgeous. for me, that is one more reason why pfizer is a buy buy buy buy. let's go to phil in south dakota. >> booyah cramer. my question is astro zeneca. >> talk about no growth. it is not bad. but if you want conservative growth i'm going to send you to pfizer. let's go to renee in california. >> booyah jim. tattoo removal stock i bought some a year ago. it has doubled in value and five years ago you called it best of breed. >> you know, earlier we had a call about someone that said you liked sears five years ago.
11:36 pm
i'm not a big fan of tattoos as i would tell my daughters. but a tattoo removal play? hey, in an emergency they may be the way to go. the big pharma dinosaur is more like a velociraptor. pfizer is beautiful. i've always been a fan of trix. don't move the lightning round is next. wolaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards!
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well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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it is time for the lightning round. rapid fire calls. play to this sound. let's start with joe in arizona. >> thanks a lot. i have a lot of exc. it was at 40-42. >> well done. >> and i want to lighten up more
11:40 pm
now. should i wait? >> i don't know. maybe you should wait, sir. here is the problem. these guys don't care about the dividend, they didn't like verify it. they were talking about other things. i own utilities for dividends, that means sell, sell, sell. let's go to justin in illinois. >> i have a chitown bears booyah for you. >> i will give you a lovie smith was robbed booyah. >> accretive health, ah for earnings as of late. do you think it is a good time to buy? >> i don't know. i will do work on accretive. let's go to milt, ohio. >> jim, a big booyah to you from medina, ohio. >> nice. >> what is your recommendation on lowes? >> look, i don't need to be in lowes.
11:41 pm
there are others that are better. charles in maryland. >> how you doing? booyah, got a question with key corp why are we getting beat up so bad? >> there are guys that think that this drug that they have is not worth the paper that it is printed on. there are mistakes that i have made. press corp is a mistake. this is a hard group. and that was a speculation. i did not nail it correctly. and i'm walking away from it. and i owned up and i reiterate that i got it wrong. i get them wrong. it just happens. let's go to john in pennsylvania. john. >> jim, thanks for taking my call. i'm interested in your short and long-term views on alpha. >> i have been against coal.
11:42 pm
every dog has it's day. that stock can go up ten percent before i would sell it. paul in south carolina. >> jim, thank you for your insight over years. >> i do like this. remember, i like annaly more than i did in the last few weeks because of the change in the yield curve because of loan demand getting stronger. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> coming up. put to the test. this biotech beating the market's performance in 2012. but can it continue to climb higher? cramer speaks to the ceo on the heels of their investor presentation next.
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after another down day, i want to circle back to a biotech story you might have missed. wow, i'm talking about biogen, biib. a classic biotech stock that is the kind of thing that you should think about buying. how robust is biogen? last week we found out that the company announced disappointing trial data for a drug it had been working on. this is a drug that a lot of people had been looking forward to. the stock barely took a hit. the reason? this drug is small potatoes. now there is no cure for ms. it attacks the central nervous system. we can't cure it. we have drugs that can keep it at bay. right now it has two of them on the market.
11:47 pm
two blockbuster ms drugs. a newer more effective drug that has a higher risk of side effects. and biogen is working on a third ms drug, bg 12, one that can be taken orally rather than injected. it would appeal to a broad population. this could be a $2.4 billion drug in sales by 2016. big deal. plus it has a major hemophilia drug, so we have plenty to look forward to. let's talk to the ceo. welcome to "mad money." >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> doctor, let me ask you this,
11:48 pm
when i look at the prospects for bg12, i see maybe the ultimate pill for this disease and i wonder whether it is so great for patients that it will hurt your other franchise. >> that is a good question. we don't think that it will. we see different segments in the market. we see diverse populations and we are very happy now to have three very good products on the market now that will appeal to very broad segments of the population. >> i think no doubt this is going to be a gigantic drug. i'm trying to think who would take an injection versus a pill. >> some patients are on avanex
11:49 pm
that are being very well treated. their disease is well controlled and there is no reason for them to switch. as you said, a very potent drug, it provides a high level of therapy to patients and they are happy with that drug. we have 30% of the ms market. that means we don't have 70% of the ms market and we intend to get some of that additional 70%. >> i stood by you guys when this scare occurred. i was confident that you would come up with something that would indicate when for who there could be a problem. you guys are pretty far along in being able to isolate anyone who this could have a dangerous side effect, right? >> yes, we are. over the years we determined a number of risk factors that make patients more or less likely to suffer the side effects and there are patients that are at low risk for the disease.
11:50 pm
>> and what does it mean for you guys? >> the avanix pen is an auto injector. the patient doesn't see the needle. it doesn't hurt. so it is a convenience issue for patients and in that first line class of therapies where it competes, convenience is a big issue and we have seen a lot of patient enthusiasm and we have seen them gaining share as a result. >> we see that you may be close to the breakout hemophilia drug. and that is something i know a hideous disease that only one company has dominated. you think this might be a better mouse trap in that too. >> we are excited about factor 8 and 9.
11:51 pm
look, hemophiliacs have to inject themselves to keep themselves from having unwanted bleeds. our products last longer. that is a major improvement on what is a major treatment burden for these patients. we think they can provide a real service to those patients. >> one last one. i know you had to discontinue development of the als drug. what is so difficult about trying to beat this disease? >> yeah, it has been a very difficult disease. it is a devastating disease for the patients who have it. this was a particularly disappointing failure for us. we have had four results. three were positive and this one was negative. we would have liked to bring something to these patients. we are doing more work now to understand the genetics of the disease and i'm hopeful that the
11:52 pm
increased understanding will allow us to bring forward a drug that will provide a benefit to patients with als. >> thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim, appreciate it. >> that is doctor george scangos. he is the ceo of biogen idec, one of our favorite stocks. think about what they are doing. i believe they will be best in class for hemophilia. these are gigantic diseases and they have the best stuff. stay with cramer.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
gold? sure we finally found some buyers today. it's been horrendous of late. there are a million reasons why it has been going down. the dollar is stronger and chaos in europe is over. i have to tell you, every one of those things is hooey. using the proxy is going from $184 down to $160 right now. and during that period we had plenty of chaos overseas and we saw these circumstances that are being credited for gold's weakness.
11:56 pm
it rose every year. i stand in defense of owning gold. i think that we were having the long-awaited pullback, because gold took off and is coming in, in such a way that we would be salivating all over the selloff. no matter which gold company i listen to, the finding costs continue to go higher. the pollution rules get tougher. you have to expect the european love affair with the precious metal has diminished and the inflation scare in china, the demand in united states off the charts facing competition. let's face it. we are in an experimental phase of monetary policy all over the globe. there are countries that are trying to re-ignite growth by driving down their currency and
11:57 pm
a line of nations trying to change the nations. buying 80% of the bonds because we refuse to make cuts in spending. despite interesting change in sentiment, so you got plenty of reasons to want gold as your default currency. 12 years of higher prices a pretty long run. pullback healthy. finally, the failure to find a new huge source of gold. every time i think it happens, i'm disappointed to get out of the ground without much effort or cost. gold, i hope it comes down more. so i can recommend it hard to get gold into everyone's portfolio. stick with cramer.
11:58 pm as you s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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